Experts talk about PULLKA:
This is a very clever way to exercise. PULLKA gives you a lot of different variables to play with. More sand or less sand in your sled, soft or rugged surfaces, up-hill, down-hill… it is all up to you to decide. The possibilities are endless.

Sebastiaan Straetemans (34 years old), sports physiotherapist

It is so special to do this again. Not only walking outside, but working outside. I think it is absolutely wonderful!

Wilco van Rooijen (50 years old), professional mountaineer and polar traveller (part of the first and succesfull Dutch expeditions to the North- and South Pole)

This is a very suitable exercise for people who are recovering from an injury. It doesn't strain your joints and you can adapt the amount of ballast to your personal preference. On top of that you are surrounded by gorgeous scenery, that alone, is good for your health.

Joost Hoppstein (51 years old), sports physiotherapist

Participants on why they enjoy PULLKA:
Being challenged outside in the rain and the cold has left me hungry for more!

Femke (32 years old)

For an untrained person like myself, it is a great activity, as you can make it as tough as you want. It gave me more energy during the rest of the day. Lovely!

Marjolijn (55 years old)

Calf muscles, hamstrings, and upper arms…
I feel alive!

Jimke (34 years old)

This was a fantastic experience. Great to build up over time. Suddenly you are able to achieve more than you ever imagined.

Gerry (52 years old)

It is lovely to be outside in the sun. I really feel like my full body is engaged and working. This isn't just a beach walk, I am training!

Gert (68 years old)