For who?

Word PULLKA-gids
Drone shot Michael Pilozzi
PULLKA is a suitable for you if you...
  • ...are at least 12 years old
  • ...like to be active
  • ...enjoy being outside
  • ...have enough stamina to walk for an hour
  • ...are looking for a great alternative workout if you don’t like to run, or are unable to run
  • ...strive to become to fitter, stronger and calmer
  • ...are persistent, especially when focused on a goal
  • ...wouldn’t mind losing some weight
  • ...have had enough of sweaty changing rooms and lines at the gym


Word PULLKA-gids
Photo Diederik Veerman

PULLKA may seem tough, but it has not been developed for Iron Men and Women. Although these types of people will enjoy everything that PULLKA offers, the workout will benefit every-body and seeks to challenge you at your current fitness level.

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