RESET: Challenge vs. Retreat. 5 – 7 April 2019

RESET: Challenge vs. Retreat

Combine the best elements for you as a busy person and you get RESET. A multisensible reteat in Dutch nature where excersise and relaxation are in perfect harmony. Where everything you eat or drink is organic and as much as possible regionally produced. You’re always outdoors, offline in the middle of beautiful nature. PULLKA forms the core movement during the invigorating weekend. The best trainers will help you to become mindful, challenge your body and charge your battery. After RESET you feel like reborn, ready to conquer the world!

Extensive info and registration: Connecting Journeys

Published: 28 February 2019

Sunday March 10th 2019 – Special PULLKA-session in Soesterduinen

Rayueala-Outdoor Soesterduinen

Shanna Bussink of Rayuela Outdoor tested PULLKA last year and really felt in love with it. Now she organise an active and learningful afternoon in the beautiful dunes of Soesterduinen. A combination of a challenging PULLKA-session, practical hiking tips and mental training about strength and resilience. Suitable for anyone who’s able to walk for at least 90 minutes. Time: from 2 till 4 pm. Costs: € 20 per person, including a consumption afterwards. See Rayuela Outdoor for all info.

Published: 28 February 2019

NEW YEAR OFFER: five PULLKA sessions for € 50

Turn your good intentions into concrete action! Start 2019 super healthy with five PULLKA sessions. In other words, five full body workouts of 90 minutes in beautiful nature. Now only ten euros per session until 31 January. That’s a discount of € 17,50! View and book the PULLKA sessions that suits you the best in The Hague and/or Rotterdam. Credits have unlimited validity.

Published: 21 December 2018

PULLKA during Christmas holiday

PULLKA wish you happy holidays and a healthy, sportive 2019. During the Christmas holiday we offer the following PULLKA sessions::

  • Saturday December 29th - The Hague - 9:45–11:15 AM
  • Wednesday January 2nd - The Hague - 8–9:30 PM
  • Saturday January 5th - The Hague - 9:45–11:15 AM
  • Sunday January 6th - Rotterdam - 10–11:30 AM

Check the schedule to see the other PULLKA sessions in 2019

Published: 21 December 2018

PULLKA comes to Rotterdam!

PULLKA comes to Rotterdam

On Sunday morning November 25th we host the first PULLKA sessions in Rotterdam. There are two rounds of some 45 minutes: at 10 and 11 AM. These testsessions will take place in the Hoge Bergse Bos, the largest green area near the city. With a lot of grass and height differences this place is really suitable for PULLKA.

This morning will also be the debute of PULLKA-pioneer Garoun Bannink. Together with PULLKA-founder Diederik Veerman he will take care of the kick-off sessions.

  • Sign up: garoun@pullka.com
  • Costs: € 0
  • Starting point: Parking spot ‘Oesterzwamplaats’, Rottebandreef 10, Bergschenhoek
Published: 12 November 2018

Buy your own PULLKA-gear and start outdoor training!

Koop je eigen PULLKA-gear en start jouw outdoor training

Would like to decide for yourself when and where you want to do the most natural full body workout? From September 2018 you’re able to buy your own PULLKA-gear. Become a true PULLKA-pioneer and go exploring your favorite natural areas in the most powerful way!

  • Till the end of 2018 we have an introduction discount of € 25. Instead of € 350 you now pay € 325 for the full package.
  • And if you pick up the gear in The Hague there’s an added discount of € 19,95. For a bit more than € 300 you’re then fully PULLKA-proof!
  • It’s also possible to order articles separately. For example, when you already have decent poles.

More info or order? Send an email to info@pullka.com

Overview PULLKA-gear

Harnass belt (Radical Design; hand made in The Netherlands)
€ 134,95
Pulk (Pelican, imported from Canada)
€ 45,30
Poles (Black Diamond, Expedition 3)
€ 84,95
Karabiners, 3 pieces (Black Diamond hotwire)
€ 9,95
Rope, 2 x 3 meter (Prusik Powerloc Expert, 5 mm) incl. mounting
€ 14,95
Protection strips for pulk, made of recycled rubber. Incl. mounting
€ 29,95
Handling, packing and shipping (in the Netherlands)
€ 19,95
Subtotal (incl. VAT)
€ 350,00
Discount 2018
minus € 25,00
PRICE PULLKA-GEAR until 31-12-2018
€ 325,00
Published: 1 September 2018

Try PULLKA in Hellevoetsluis!

Wild op de Wallen

PULLKA is present on Saturday September 8th in the historic town of Hellevoetsluis. This during the camping- and adventure event Wild op de Wallen. From 14:00 till 17:00 you can try and experience the power of PULLKA. We will be based on the fortifications behind Fort Haerlem.

Published: 31 August 2018

Oergezonddag 2018


On Sunday September 2nd we have a ‘Oergezonddag’ (freely translated as ‘a very healthy Sunday’). Beachclub The Shore in Scheveningen organizes a broad variety of sportive and creative workshops including PULLKA! See oergezonddag.nl(in Dutch) for more info and sign up for one or more healthy workshops!

  • 10:00 - 11:00 am = PULLKA original
  • 11:15 - 12:15 pm = PULLKA Family Workout

Family Workout: during this special family edition we don’t put sand in the pulk, but your child! Just like the people 5000 years ago did! Are you as a parent in the right mood for a challenging training and does your child weighs less the 25 kilo? Then join this PULLKA Family Workout together! During the clinic we do one break a bit longer; playing time for the children, recovery time for mam or dad! Here you can find more info!

Published: 27 August 2018

Summer schedule

Summer schedule

In July and August we have a summer schedule:

  • Saturday from 9 till 10:15 am (combining easy and medium level) Instructor will be the very experienced Angelique van Vliet.
  • Tuesday evening sessions will start from August 21st. Then from 8:30 till 9:45 pm

Enjoy the summer!

Published: 6 July 2018

PULLKA @Surfana

PULLKA at Surfana

PULLKA will be present at the amazing Surfana Festival in Bloemendaal. This from Friday 8th till Sunday 10th of June. During these three days festival guests can join a variety of PULLKA-clinics:

  • PULLKA original (full body workout)
  • PULLKA Beach Cleanup
  • PULLKA with KIDS (yes, with little kids in the pulk!)

More info and the last tickets, check surfanafestival.com. Notice! Due to Surfana there will be no PULLKA on Saturday 9th of June in The Hague.

Published: 5 June 2018

PULLKA premiere on the beaches of Zeeland

PULLKA premiere on the beaches of Zeeland

Cadzand beach has some special premieres on Sunday morning the 6th and Wednesday evening 9th of May. For the first time in history there will be PULLKA sessions in Zeeland, the beautiful province in the southwest of the Netherlands. The sessions will start from and are in close cooperation with Moio Beach in Cadzand-Bad. The new Moio Beach is the meeting point for sportfanatics along the coast of Zeeland.

Youth memories to the ‘mindful’ beach

PULLKA founder Diederik Veerman has special memories to the beaches where the sessions will take place. Veerman: “For many years, the current location of Moio Beach was the spot for another beach club; The First Wave. As a teenager I worked there during summer. The most beautiful part was early in the morning when I was completely alone on the beach to prepare everything for the new day. The sand was still a bit chilly, the smell was lovely, the beach still quiet and I had the sea for my own. ‘Absolutely mindfulness’ we would say nowadays…Without no doubt these moments enhanced my predilection for the beach. It’s really so cool to come back to Cadzand, this with and thanks to PULLKA!”

Times and practical info

  • Sunday morning, May 6th : 10 AM till 11:30 AM
  • Wednesday evening, May 9th: 20 PM till 21:30 PM

Both will departure and return at Moio Beach, Vlamingpolderweg 3A, Cadzand.

PULLKA will take care for all the needed equipment like the pulk, poles and rig. Everyone who’s able to walk actively for 90 minutes is very welcome to join and try PULLKA. Participants only need supple (sport) cloths, run-in walking or running shoes and something to drink during the exercise. The costs are € 15 per participant. Per session there’s place for maximum twelve people. To join, send an email to info@pullka.com.

Published: 30 April 2018

Full Moon PULLKA only for ‘die hards’

Full Moon PULLKA only for die hards

Warning: the Full Moon PULLKA tonight across the ‘Zandmotor’ is only suitable for tough people. Everyone who’s made from sugar and thus afraid for some rain; please stay home and go for the couch! Who still dares: send an email to info@pullka.com.

Published: 30 April 2018

PULLKA in the evening!

PULLKA in the evening

From this week onwards you’re also able to PULLKA in the evening. Every Tuesday we’ll start at 8 pm from the parking at the end of the Kwartellaan (crossing with Laan van Poot) in The Hague. Which workout it will be depends of the week. One week we’ll have a challenging medium-session of 75 minutes, the other week we’re eager to serve you a PULLKA Endurance training: a workout of 150 (!) minutes. This impressive session of 2,5 hours is amazing for your stamina and getting rid of calories. What an ideal preparation for summer!

Published: 19 March 2018

Saturday 31st of March: Full Moon PULLKA in the landscape artwork Ringen aan Zee

Full Moon PULLKA in the landscape artwork Ringen aan Zee

Trying the new, full body workout PULLKA during full moon is quite cool, but upcoming edition will be really unique; we’re going through and over the gigantic art sculpture, Ringen aan Zee (rings at the sea). This is temporarily, iconic sand landscape in the context of Feest aan Zee (a full year of festivities to recall the history of 200 years Scheveningen). The artwork of Bruno Doedens, consisting of twenty large sand rings of 150 by 300 metres will be definitive demolished on April 8th. Full moon, PULLKA and Ringen aan Zee will be really a ‘once in a lifetime’ event.

Starting point is the most relaxed beach club on the north beach of Scheveningen: The Shore.

Costs: Members 1 PULLKA credit/non-members € 15. Buy here.

Published: 17 March 2018

A collaboration between SALT magazine and PULLKA. Meetup on 7th of April

The first PULLKA sessions did not go unnoticed by the Salt Magazine editorial team. SALT writes about (inter)-national adventurers, outdoors sportsmen and -women and creatives who seek to influence the world through evoking positive, sustainable change. A must read! SALT organizes regular meetups for her readers, as well as publishing a quarterly magazine. The meetups are designed around inspiring activities all over the Netherlands. As a long-term subscriber of the magazine it is with great pleasure and honour that I announce a PULLKA-SALT collaboration. On the 7th of April, SALT enthusiast are able to experience what PULLKA is all about. We are putting together a special programme; more information and tickets can be found here (NL).

Published: 7 February 2018

PULLKA debut in Drenthe: Hungry for more!

On Sunday, the 21st of January PULLKA made her debut in Drenthe. The demo took place in the Kniphorstbos close to Anloo, in temperatures below zero. The Kniphorst forest is a nature reserve and the only archaeological reservation in The Netherlands. Surrounded by 'hunebedden', ancient grave sites, and prehistoric gravemounds, participants became acquainted with PULLKA, inspired by an ancient way of transport: sledding!

PULLKA debut in Drenthe: Hungry for more!
Photo Marieke Panneman

This session was a collaboration between PULLKA, Breeland Recreatie and Bike Assist. In the the beautiful clip made by RTV Drenthe participants talk about the highlight of their day.

Published: 22 January 2018

A winter camping session and PULLKA

A winter camping session and PULLKA
Photo Anneleen Veerman

PULLKA has been invited to organize a session during the winter camping weekend. The weekend will take place on the 3th and 4th of February in the stunning nature reserve Overasseltse- en Hatertse vennen, ancient peat bogs located close to Nijmegen. Wilco van Rooijen, an artic explorer and mountaineer initiated the weekend and oversees the organization. During the weekend, you are able to participate in outdoor cooking, to warm you up after the PULLKA session. I look forward to sharing stories with you around the fire! All the gear is sponsored by Vaude. Send a e-mail to Team Wilco for more information.

Published: 10 January 2018

Starting Saturday 13th January: the very first ‘real’ PULLKA sessions!

Starting Saturday 13th January the very first real PULLKA sessions
Drone shot Michael Pilozzi

From half January onwards you’ll be able to join a PULLKA session. This will take place every Saturday and Monday morning in the beautiful dunes and beaches between Scheveningen en Kijkduin. Try PULLKA for free and become PULLKA pioneer! To sign up please send a Whatsapp message to +31 (0)6 150 65 330. You can also mail to info@pullka.com.

Here some more info about location and times:

Start and end location: the green area Kwartellaan/Laan van Poot

Saturdays, from 13th January onwards

  • 09:00 till 10:15 am: PULLKA medium: challenge me!
  • 10:30 till 11:30 am: PULLKA easy: go with the flow...

Mondays, from 15th January onwards

  • 10:30 till 11:45 am: PULLKA medium: challenge me!

Discover the differences between the two PULLKA sessions.

Published: 6 January 2018

Sportfysio about PULLKA

After his first PULLKA-session sports physiotherapist Sebastiaan Straetemans (from ‘Master in Sports’) explains why this workout is not only for strong, prehistoric men and women…

Published: 23 December 2017


Foto Anneleen Veerman

For northern countries normal, for the Dutch extraordinary: snow! Although PULLKA goes perfectly without snow, this was really great to do.

Published: 10 December 2017

First PULLKA test

First PULLKA test
Foto Diederik Veerman

On Saturday October 7th I went into the dunes of the Hague with three test persons (kind of guinea pigs). This for the first real PULLKA session. For 7000 years the sledge was used as a mean of transport; carrying goods from A to B. From now on, using the ‘pulk’ is also a training method. And we don’t need snow for this! To celebrate this historic moment, we were treated on winds of 7 Beaufort by Mother Earth…

Published: 7 October 2017