PULLKA principles

You are in control

It is essential that you listen to your own body. Don’t feel rushed or hyped up by the other members of the group to go faster or increase the amount of ballast. A good PULLKA guide will know how to support you at your level and will know how to challenge you according to your abilities.


Gift yourself some quality offline time by putting your phone on airplane mode and leaving it in your bag or car. The PULLKA guide will be happy to take a photo for you so you can show off your adventures to your friends and family at the next birthday party.

Sound of silence

During every PULLKA session we aim to walk without speaking for a certain amount of time (at least a quarter of the total time of the class). Instead of small talk participants are asked to focus on the noises around them, the calming sound of the sled being moved over the surface and your body. Similar too some boot camp classes there is no music during a PULLKA session, instead the motivation to move forward needs to come from within you. The PULLKA guide and the breath-taking North Sea coastline are there to assist you.

Leave nothing but footprints

My dear friends Marc and Philip, who inspired PULLKA (see PULLKA: the story)), aimed to make the world a more sustainable place through their polar adventures, expeditions and research. This same message can be translated to the nature around us, in The Netherlands. Spot a piece of plastic along the way? Pick it up and toss it in the sled, somewhere we will find a bin to throw it away. Together we can make sure that our natural surroundings, that we depend upon, become a little cleaner every class. This simple act of cleaning up is not a primary goal, but a sustainable addition to the class. Every PULLKA workout aims to leave nothing but footprints.