PULLKA: the story

PULLKA: the story
Photo Diederik Veerman
On the 28th of April 2015 two of my close friends tragically passed away in Nunavut, North Canada. Marc Cornelissen (46 years old) and Philip de Roo (30 years old) where experienced polar explorers. At the time of the fatal accident they were doing important climate research that focused on snow density and snow profiles in the Arctic. The accident happened a day before the Last Ice Survey was scheduled to finish. A sudden and unexpected end to years of ongoing efforts to create a more sustainable world.

On the 6th of April 2016, Tobias van Toledo, and I decided to walk along the beach from Hoek van Holland to The Hague. Tobias van Toledo is a friend who also knew Marc and Philip very well. This walk was a way for us to remember our two friends whom we had lost almost a year earlier. It was on the same date a year earlier, that Marc and Philip had left for what would become, their final expedition. On this regular weekday, we were walking along the deserted beach ‘in style’: with walking sticks, and Marc’s training sled harnessed behind us.

Marc and Philip would train along this coastline for their expeditions in the polar region. For 4.5 hours, we shared our memories of the men, and got to know each other in a more profound way. We spoke about the past and the future, sometimes laughing, at times crying. At times, it was just the silence and the sounds of nature keeping us company. During that walk, I felt greatly connected to our friends and the nature around us.

A year after our first trek, we decided to walk again. On the 6th of April 2017, we set out with five friends. This time it was another beautiful and unforgettable day, after the trek all the gear was left in The Hague at my house. It was around this same time, I had injured myself while running. No longer able to run like I used to, I enjoyed trekking with the sleds and gear left behind.

Becoming stronger physically was an advantage. Mentally I enjoyed the serenity and peace I experienced whilst being outside. The amounts of ballast slowly but surely began to increase with every trip I made. The many positive remarks and questions I would get from strangers during my workout helped me understand that this type of training wasn’t only suitable for strong and adventures polar explorers, but also had many advantages for regular people, from this PULLKA was born.

Walking in nature with resistance, has added value for every-body, PULLKA doesn’t discriminate. No matter if you are already fit and strong or strive to become fit and strong, if you are skinny or fat, young or old, a man or a woman I would love for you to join me outside. The sled is waiting for you. Ready to help you reach your goal, and your expedition!

Diederik Veerman
The Hague, December 2017