What is PULLKA?

Wat is PULLKA?
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PULLKA is developed on Dutch soil and is world’s latest way to become fitter and stronger outdoors. You train all muscle groups on a natural way. It’s who decides the amount of ballast. Together with a PULLKA guide you’ll walk through beautiful nature areas. PULLKA is new a training method, but based on the most ancient way of transport: the sled.

The basic principle of PULLKA is simple and effective: you drag the sled filled with ballast over unpaved surfaces. The amount of ballast can be varied to match your abilities. In other words, PULLKA is trekking with resistance. During a workout, you don’t only train your leg muscles but your core-, back-, stomach- and buttocks muscles are all automatically activated. The natural surroundings and certified guide will ensure that every participant is challenged accordingly, based on a personal goal, level of physical fitness, and feeling.

Mindfulness is a substantial aspect of PULLKA. PULLKA workouts take place outside in the fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. During a session, you are offline and outside, undistracted by modern life. It is an excellent way to clear your mind. The three main things to focus on during a PULLKA class are: your experience, your sled, and your route.

What is PULLKA?
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First and foremost a sled is essential gear for a PULLKA workout. However, there are also some other critical pieces of equipment you will need:
  • A special harness that provides the ballast is divided equally, ensuring that the sled is pulled from your core and hips, not by your back or shoulder muscles.
  • A set of walking sticks. The surface and amount of ballast will ensure that you use the sticks in the correct way, using them will become second nature within no time. The walking sticks will help you to keep your balance, and will work your arm muscles.
  • Rope and carabiners.
What is PULLKA?
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Intensity and variation

The intensity of a PULLKA class will vary on five different natural elements:
  • Walking pace
  • Height
  • The direction of the wind, and it strength
  • Amount of ballast in your sled
  • Surface (loose sand or wet sand)
To get a better understanding of the three different PULLKA workouts, check out the short explanation of each type!
What is PULLKA?
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