There are three different kinds of PULLKA workouts, based on goals and physical fitness levels. This will ensure that the participants for each class feel comfortable among each other.

Easy | Go with the flow |  75 min

A class for everyone who wants to become fit and stay fit. This class is also suitable for those amongst us who are not avid sportspeople. When you have enough stamina to walk for an hour and a half, this PULLKA-session is okay to join. The pace and amount of ballast in the sled is based on the aim to relax in the great outdoors. Still, sometimes we'll walk on looser sand in and around the dunes.

Medium | Challenge me! |  75 min

If you are healthy, and physically fit then this class is for you! Varying the amount of sand (ballast) in the sled you are encouraged to do both cardio and weight exercises. Taking into account your feeling and goal you are able to vary in the speed, surface and amount of ballast during class. The route will take you over the beach and through the dunes looking for a challenge!

Heavy | Endurance training |  150 min (!)

Experience the real expedition feeling with this workout of 2,5 hours. The extended training times secures a physical and mental boost from here till the North Cape. With this PULLKA Endurance training you'll expand your stamina and burn tons of calories (1250+). Not suitable for rookies. Participation requires two PULLKA credits.