Probeer PULLKA!

PULLKA birthday PARTY!

Dear Svenja, dear friends of Svenja: many thanks for your enthusiasm and energy! Here a short aftermovie of your first PULLKA-adventure!

Would be awesome if you take the time to share your thoughts with us. Based on your valuable feedback we can improve our sessions. After submitting the form you will recieve a code. With this you can join a regular group session (90 min) with € 10 discount.

1 = geen kans < > 10 = zeer grote kans, dit gun ik iedereen!
Als je dit formulier opstuurt, ontvang je als dank een kortingscode voor een volgende PULLKA-sessie (om als individu van gebruik te maken). Deze code verschijnt na verzending hier in beeld.

Many thanks again!

If you want to join THE WALK on December 12th: please do so! You can walk anywhere and with or without anyone. If you want to participate please sign up and donate your steps via this link

Take care and stay safe,

Diederik, founder of PULLKA

info@pullka.com | +31 (0)6 150 65 330